The Warehouse was created in Aug 2019 by Trevv Berry-Rogers (Coach Trevv), who continues to manage, build, and facilitate the brand. Trevv brings his positive energy and enthusiastic competitive nature to each and every workout in order to support his clients in pushing themselves to new limits physically and mentally. Most importantly, Trevv believes in creating a family atmosphere and welcomes each and every person to The Warehouse family with open arms. 

Trevv strives to support his clients in having a positive, hardworking attitude no matter what obstacles lay before them. Trevv is here to help his clients every step of the way, and believes that the most powerful and lasting progress develops piece by piece with the help of a supportive environment. This mentality is what allowed Trevv to have such a successful athletic career himself. 

Trevv graduated from Lynn English High School in 2011 with countless accolades in both football and basketball. Trevv’s love of basketball also led him to a highly successful career at Merrimack College, and he carries over the skills developed from the highly competitive Division II atmosphere into all of his work with clients. Trevv transitioned from athlete to coach after college, returning to his old high school, and coached Lynn English football and boy’s basketball for 3 years; and has currently been coaching Lynn English girl’s basketball for the past 2 years. 

Trevv’s love for fitness and lifestyle changes comes from his athletic background. As an athlete himself, he recognizes the importance of not only training your body, but also training your mind. The Warehouse focuses on emotional growth and changes, as the key to accomplishing personal goals. Trevv is here to support you in achieving any and all fitness, emotional, and lifestyle goals – big or small.